Single male behavior on Valentine’s day, US vs Sweden

Today I posted the following Facebook status:
”Sarah Johansson is having a ”I don’t understand men in the US”-day today. Valentine’s day elicits different behaviors from men here and back home :P”

I have received both comments, texts and emails asking me to expand. Since some of the requesters are English speakers I am thus writing my first post in English, so bear with me.

The observations I have made here are solely based on my own and close single friend’s experiences. Being single and having turned down the two (seemingly) serious Valentine’s date offers I had, in favor of spending my day at my internship and my evening in front of the computer writing the midterm paper due on Thursday (taking a legitimate break to write this of course) I expected my phone to be dead silent all day. Especially since I have only been on dates with a limited number of men since moving to the city and none of whom I have seen that many times.

The dead silent phone has always been the case back home. Unless you are in an exclusive committed relationship the men would go MIA on Valentine’s day. As if any form of communication on this day would implicate that he wanted to seriously commit. This is a risk most single men aren’t willing to take, or so I have had explained to me by Swedish male friends.

So imagine my surprise when my phone have been buzzing all day long. Admittedly they were all texts, but these guys weren’t staying away. I got texts containing Valentine’s day pokes (these are modern times people, keep up), cute affirmations, suggestions of romantic dates as well as suggestions so crude and vulgar I think my mom would disown me if I wrote them here. Who sent these texts? The man I saw once in October, the guy I had no idea had any other than platonic interest in me, the man I saw a few times last year that went MIA for a couple of months, basically most of the men whose number you keep only to know not to answer, if they ever call again.

As opposed to the Swedish male theory of risk of being pinned as commitment-interested if being in contact on Valentine’s day, these men seem to have the reversed approach. Am I going out on a limb if I speculate and suggest that these men might hold the notion that single women on Valentine’s day are easy prey?

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4 kommentarer till Single male behavior on Valentine’s day, US vs Sweden

  1. Veronika skriver:

    ”basically most of the men whose number you keep only to know not to answer, if they ever call again.” Hahaha! Underbart 🙂

  2. Johanna skriver:

    Hade a few of those (numbers you keep only to know not to answer) myself back in the day…haha! Valdigt smart faktiskt om jag far saga det sjalv..;)


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