Svensk midsommar

Ibland kan jag fundera varför amerikaner tycks fascineras av oss ”frigjorda”, ”socialistiska” svenskar med ”konstiga” vanor och idéer. Så ser man saker som klippet nedan och inser att ja, utifrån kanske vissa traditioner tycks lite…speciella:

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5 kommentarer till Svensk midsommar

  1. ReefChic7 skriver:

    I loved this video! Thanks for posting it, I smiled the whole way through. It seems like a wonderful event to be a part of.

    • sarahjohansson skriver:

      You’re welcome, I’m glad you liked it! Will check out your writings one of these days, but it’s too early in the morning right now!

      • ReefChic7 skriver:

        No worries!! I don’t know if you read fan fiction or not, but it is based on True Blood and the books The Southern Vampire Mysteries. I am working my way through your blog, because I am interested to see your views on what you are experiencing here in America. I hope you are settling in well and meeting lots of new, friendly people. 🙂

      • sarahjohansson skriver:

        I have never actually read any, but I’m open to trying it! Wait, are you translating your way through my blog? That has to be quite the project. Yes, I’m settling in and loving it!

      • ReefChic7 skriver:

        Yes, but I am using google, so I get about 90% of what you say correctly. 😉 It gives me a basic idea.

        I would love it if you checked it out, and I also have links on my blog to some really good fan fiction writers you might enjoy. 😉

        So glad you are enjoying it and happy here! 🙂


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