”Daddy benefits”

Denna konversation ägde just rum på tunnelbanan mellan mig och en herre i 20-års åldern med inte en, inte två, inte tre utan fyra olika blombuketter i famnen. Till saken hör att det idag är fars dag här.
Gentleman on train: Your eyes are amazing!
Me: Thank you.
Got: What are you listening to?
Me: Maxwell.
Got: What do you want to ask me?
Me: What’s up with all the flowers?
Got: Oh, one from each of my daughters. This one is from Kaylah, this is from Tannisha, the roses from Alizé and these orange ones are from Lakeisha.
Me: Oh wow.
Got: Yeah, luckily three of them live in the same neighborhood in Brooklyn so I could beat them out the way in no time, but the last bm (baby mama, reds anm.) got it in her head that she was gonna move to the Bronx. That train ride is mad long. But you know, gotta go cash in on the daddy benefits. Not that they gettin any out of me, hahaha.
Me: So 4 daughters equals 4 bms meaning 4 bouquets of flowers?
Got: Oh yeah! And well, you know, sometimes the baby daddy gets extra perks…
Me: I am very happy to say this is my stop so this conversation can stop right now. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt and hope being a daddy means more to you than cashing in on the ”daddy benefits”. Happy Father’s Day.

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