4 things I’ve gotten used to since moving to America

1. Men wearing their pants below their ass-cheeks (but dude, you gotta keep your underwear game in check, can’t walk around with hardly recognizable, miscolored Bart Simpson-underwear with holes in them on display).

2. Using Ms. and Mr. When I first moved here I struggled to do this, as for the first 26 years of my life I was allowed to address everyone by their first name. Come today, when the mom of my new client family asked me to call her by her first name and had to correct me three times in session because I kept calling her Ms. X.

3. To help uninsured friends diagnose themselves and research every home remedy under the sun because seeking medical attention is just not a financially feasible option.

4. To be called mama, ma’, mamita, baby, honey, sweetie, darling, shawty, boo, sugar and so on, by random strangers you encounter in every day life, as well as in professional capacities.


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